(1)On January 30, 2018, we signed a definitive agreement to enter into a strategic partnership with private equity funds managed by Blackstone. Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and an affiliate of GIC will invest alongside Blackstone. As part of the transaction, we will sell a 55% majority stake in our Financial & Risk business and will retain a 45% interest in the business. We will maintain full ownership of our Legal, Tax & Accounting and the Reuters News businesses. The transaction will enable us to focus on expanding our business and accelerating revenue growth in the legal, tax and accounting and regulatory market segments. On the closing date of the transaction, Reuters News and the new Financial & Risk partnership will sign a 30-year agreement for Reuters News to supply news and editorial content to the partnership for a minimum amount of $325 million per year. For the duration of the news agreement, we will grant the Financial & Risk partnership a license to permit it to brand its products/services and company name with the "Reuters" mark, subject to applicable limitations and restrictions set forth in a trademark license agreement. Please refer to our press release and 2017 annual report for additional information. Our Financial & Risk business is included in our 2017 and 2016 results, but will be reported as a discontinued operation beginning with the first quarter of 2018.

(2)Thomson Reuters defines adjusted EBITDA for its business units as earnings from continuing operations before tax expense or benefit, net interest expense, other finance costs or income, depreciation, amortization of software and other identifiable intangible assets, Thomson Reuters share of post-tax (earnings) losses in equity method investments, other operating gains and losses, certain asset impairment charges, fair value adjustments and corporate related items. Consolidated adjusted EBITDA is comprised of adjusted EBITDA for its business units and Corporate & Other. Adjusted EBITDA margin is adjusted EBITDA expressed as a percentage of revenues. Capital expenditures less proceeds from disposals are also removed to arrive at adjusted EBITDA less capital expenditures. The related margin is expressed as a percentage of revenues from ongoing businesses.

(3)Adjusted earnings and adjusted EPS include dividends declared on preference shares but exclude the post-tax impacts of fair value adjustments, amortization of other identifiable intangible assets, other operating gains and losses, certain asset impairment charges, other finance costs or income, Thomson Reuters share of post-tax (earnings) losses in equity method investments, discontinued operations and other items affecting comparability. Thomson Reuters calculates the post-tax amount of each item excluded from adjusted earnings based on the specific tax rules and tax rates associated with the nature and jurisdiction of each item. Adjusted EPS is calculated using diluted weighted-average shares and does not represent actual earnings or loss per share attributable to shareholders.

(4)Free cash flow (includes free cash flow from continuing and discontinued operations) is net cash provided by operating activities, and other investing activities less capital expenditures, dividends paid on the company’s preference shares, and dividends paid to non-controlling interests.

(5)Discontinued operations are comprised solely of our Intellectual Property & Science business (IP & Science), which was sold in October 2016.

(6)The changes in revenues before currency (at constant currency or excluding the effects of currency) are determined by converting the current and prior-year period’s local currency equivalent using the same exchange rates.

(7)Results exclude the impact of $212 million of fourth-quarter 2016 charges from adjusted EBITDA, adjusted EBITDA less capital expenditures and adjusted EPS. Free cash flow and free cash flow excluding discontinued operations excludes 2016 cash payments of $39 million associated with these charges.